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The Drumbeater9781783062195

Clive Allan has drawn upon thirty years experience as a police officer and a deep knowledge of the Scottish Highlands in his crime thriller, The Drumbeater


“A word of warning, you will be hooked!”  – Scottish Field Magazine


“With more questions than answers, and with mounting pressure from his cynical boss, Neil embarks upon a race against time to discover the truth”  – Police World Magazine



When skeletal remains are found buried on a beach near the remote Scottish village of Glendaig, the evidence points to murder, to a crime dating back seventy years to World War Two. The task of unravelling the mystery falls to history graduate Neil Strachan, now a career cop, fast tracked into a new role on Northern Scotland’s Major Enquiry Unit. When Neil calls upon German naval historian, Matthias Fuchs, to help identify the remains, a name soon emerges, that of a dashing young U-boat ace who mysteriously disappeared in 1941: Korvettenkapitän Max Friedmann.

Neil seeks the assistance of Glendaig’s elderly residents, but encounters an impenetrable wall of silence, causing him to suspect that they know far more about the young submariner than they are willing to impart. With more questions than answers, and under mounting pressure from his cynical boss to wrap up the enquiry, Neil embarks upon a race against time to discover the truth. He begins to unravel a tale of subterfuge, escape and astounding loyalty. A tale that will ultimately reveal a secret that could have changed the course of World War Two…



What a wonderful story! It held my interest right to the end. The character are complex and real, and I couldn’t wait to find out the whole story of what had taken place so long ago! Excellent writing, very nicely put prose and descriptive language. If you are partial to very good writing, you will love this book! This is the book we all wished we could write. Loved it!  By Jan Baldry. UK

The Drumbeater is a captivating, addictive and brilliantly paced debut novel from a great first time novelist. It is a book that will engross you and one that you will remember and savor… This book was a real gem. It was written with near perfection, in a way that does not come along too often!   By Gordon Reiselt. USA

A brilliantly constructed story that keeps the reader guessing right up to the very end! The in depth knowledge of the German military system and the detail used in describing the Scottish highlands is outstanding! Hard to believe this is Allan’s first published work, you would think he had been writing for decades! Let’s hope there are more to come! By Pete Ashton. UK 

Clive Allan’s The Drumbeater is a synergy of contemporary policing, police culture and professionalism, and a stunning mystery surrounding the chance find of a body from WW2. Inspector Neil Strachan is a compelling and affable character, who is sensitive to the humanity of the individuals involve, whilst maintaining a ruthless search for the truth. The author takes his audience to the stunning Scottish Highlands. Allan’s skillfully detailed account of German naval activities is interwoven with the lives of a small community living in a village in the 1940’s. as a serving police officer in Australia, I compliment you for creating Neil Strachan, and can’t wait for Allan’s next novel! By C Bodley. Australia

The Drumbeater was a departure from my usual reading matter. What a wonderful way for me to discover a new direction, although I have a very definite feeling that I have been spoilt! This book was totally absorbing from the very first page. It has everything, murder, mystery, suspense, romance, wonderful attention to detail and to Scottish history. You can almost smell the heather and feel the wind in your face in the Scottish Highlands. Waiting with anticipation for book number two! Only problem being, how do you improve on near perfection? By L Raymond. UK


PUBLISHED January 2014
ISBN: 9781783062195

Price: £9.99


The Well of the Dead

Readers will come face-to-face with the gritty world of modern day policing in Clive Allan’s second crime thriller…

Inspired by 30 years of Clive’s personal experience in the police service, The Well of the Dead is the second DI Strachan story. The brutal murders of distillery owner, Duncan Fraser, and his wife Laura, shock the remote rural community of Strathnairn in the Scottish Highlands.

Detective Inspector Neil Strachan, who we met in Clive’s first novel, The Drumbeater, once again finds himself delving into the past, as he and his partner, Sergeant Holly Anderson, go head to head with a ruthless criminal, apparently obsessed with his Jacobite ancestry. Strachan also faces problems of his own. His long-term partner, Catriona Duncan, is acting strangely and he suspects an affair. His determination to bring the Frasers’ killer to justice, and to uncover the truth behind his erring partner’s behaviour, take him to a place where his personal and professional priorities become blurred, a place where both his judgement and reputation are on the line.

The book combines Clive’s experiences in policing with his longstanding love of military history when the investigation unearths an ancient clan feud, a mystery dating back to 1746 and the Battle of Culloden. The Well of the Dead also draws from Clive’s profound knowledge of the Scottish Highlands to create a unique setting for the story. “DI Strachan’s adventures are played out amongst the rugged beauty of Britain’s last great wilderness,” states Clive, “a setting that is rarely focused upon in detective novels.”

“A gripping and intelligent tale which seamlessly spans 250 years told through wonderfully authentic characters. Superb!” – Graham Bartlett, police advisor to crime fiction writers and television. Times bestselling co-author of Death Comes Knocking.

PUBLICATION DATE: 28th March 2017
ISBN: 9781788036634

 Price: £9.99